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No matter your age, weight is something that plagues us all! Having your weight at a
healthy level is important for many functions inside the body. Our team of medical professionals are specialized in weight management. We will guide you every step of
the way and make sure to assist you in achieving your goals and being the support, you
need and deserve along your journey!

Results may vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism, starting weight, and adherence to treatment protocols. Some individuals may notice improvements in energy levels and appetite control shortly after starting treatment, while significant weight loss results may take several weeks to months to achieve. Clinical studies have shown a 15% to 35% body weight reduction. You will need to call and book an appointment with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners to start your medication and begin your weight loss journey with our oversight and help every step of the way.

Yes, you can discuss your needs with our providers and decide what will be the best fit for your health and goals. You can also meet with our nutritionist and dietician for meal planning and exercise recommendations to further ensure your success. Our focus is your health and success.

Our treatments vary as each medication has a different cost and dosage changes. Our treatments run anywhere from $125 a month and up to $400 a month. Our programs are all-inclusive, meaning you do not pay a monthly fee, membership fee, or any hidden costs. All programs come with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner consult, medication, overnight shipping, diet, and accountability couch.

Yes, medical weight loss injections can be combined with other weight loss methods, such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle modifications to enhance results and support long-term success.

Patient Success Stories

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When I started my weight loss journey, I felt defeated and hopeless. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life trying every diet imaginable. I was nervous to take medication, but I am forever grateful that I did. I am down 25lbs and almost at my goal. My husband loves the way I look and it has rekindled our marriage. I couldn’t be happier. 

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens

Tennis Player

We all had to start somewhere, and that’s exactly what I did. I was able to lose 70lbs in 3 months and I have never felt and looked better. Clinical Care 365 knows exactly how to effectively help someone achieve their goals.

Debbie Franklin

Debbie Franklin


I have loved working with Miraleen and Chuck. I’ve learned so much regarding health and nutrition. I’ve been able to lose the 15lbs that I wanted, but I’ve also been able to put on lean muscle tissue.  I look great, feel great, and have my youth back. Thank you Clinical Care 365!

Aaron Keanly

Aaron Keanly


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